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The BioMechanics Method®

The BioMechanics Method® is an easy to learn, and empowering process of therapeutic exercise designed to help individuals improve posture, alleviate chronic muscle and joint pain, and help them improve activities of daily living and athletic performance.    

Designed with the uniqueness of each person in mind, this revolutionary approach to pain relief incorporates structural assessments, corrective exercise techniques and life coaching strategies into a simple system that makes improved function and pain-free living a reality for people plagued by muscle and joint pain. The BioMechanics Method® has been used with absolutely amazing results to help people overcome the effects of back, neck, shoulder, knee, ankle and foot pain.  

As your TBMM®- CES, I will help you understand how poor posture, and muscle/joint imbalances of any kind can create pain, injury, and dysfunction throughout the entire body.  We will use the results of individualized posture assessment to pinpoint your specific needs. This information will be used to help create a  highly personalized exercise plan that resolve musculoskeletal pain and function issues more rapidly and successfully than other pain-relief modalities. 

When you begin your Corrective Exercise path, Deb will explain step-by-step: 

  • The series of simple assessments which reveal the underlying causes of pain and dysfunction 
  • Which soft tissue structures are causing you problems 
  • The corrective exercises you'll be doing until your next session 
  • Building progression from one session to the next which cumulates in effectively and permanently alleviating pain and dysfunction   
  • How to integrate corrective exercise strategies into athletic and/or performance based programs

The BioMechanics Method® is in use by health and fitness professionals, doctors, physiotherapists, chiropractors, physical therapists, Pilates instructors, massage therapists, professional sports teams, and college and university professors in over 30 countries and is featured in the Integrated Fitness Training Model™ utilized by The American Council on Exercise.

Our goal is to deliver the largest amount of positive results in the least amount of time possible.  Yep, that's right!  If you are in chronic pain, my goal is to get you out the door with a proactive plan YOU own and implement as quickly as possible!  Therefore, my pricing is simple.

I offer Posture Assessments, Private Instruction and Group Classes.

1.  Posture Assessment

  • $125    
  • Duration: 90 Minutes   
  • In-Studio only   

Medical studies show the direct correlation between poor posture and poor health and performance. Bad posture gets worse over time and that's why we encourage all our clients to invest in a Posture Assessment.

If you suspect you have a long-standing posture issue, find out the underlying cause by investing in a Posture Assessment. This may be the most important step for anyone wishing to correct their posture and get back to fitness and optimum health.  

2.  Private Instruction 

Pricing is the same for ALL therapeutic corrective exercise modalities.  This INCLUDES private Foundation Training, STOTT Pilates®, Corrective Exercise and Hybrid Personal Training Sessions.

  • $75/session OR  
  • $325 for 5 sessions ($65/session)  
  • $600 for 10 sessions ($60/session)  
  • Duration:  45 - 60 Minutes  

Optional Purchase:  $50 to have Deb write up and prepare a Take Home printable PDF of your exercises  

3.  Group Classes

I offer a variety of affordable group classes throughout the year.  These classes are ideal for anyone who has accomplished their goals of chronic muscle and joint pain relief with private instruction, and want to "tune-up" or get periodic refreshers to help motivate and maintain success.  For more information, please visit my group classes page.  

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