Foundation Training Resources


Welcome to my Foundation Training Resources Page.  Below you'll find links where you can order product, find free resources and download your personal copy of the exercises you learned in class with me.   

As a Certified Foundation Training Instructor I wanted a comprehensive resource to help my clients outside of sessions/classes, and I know that my students wanted a comprehensive resource to help themselves outside of sessions/classes as well.  

And now that is available!  It's called CORE ELEMENTS.  

Foundation Training Core Elements is the newest way to apply and reinforce what you learn at your Foundation Training sessions in an all new streaming platform. It contains over 5.5 hours of engaging content including lectures & theory, exercises, focus sessions and incredibly effective, progressive workouts that you can access on any streaming device (computer, tablet, phone).

While you don’t have to own Core Elements to experience fantastic results in your Foundation Training sessions or classes, it is a phenomenal tool to bridge the gap inbetween when I see you.

  • It reinforces all the helpful tips and cues you learn at your Foundation Training session (that you may have forgot!).
  • It gives you a way to practice along with an instructor when your schedule doesn’t allow you to meet with me.
  • Each facet of every exercise is taught in detail. You can rewatch again and again to fully absorb all of the nuances that make these exercises so effective.
  • The program is designed to give you the motivation to practice everyday. This accelerates your progress and gets you closer to your goals.
  • You can take it with you. So whether you’re at home or traveling, you can keep your Foundation Training practice going strong until we see each other again.

If you have any questions about Core Elements or are wondering if it is the right fit for you, please don’t hesitate to reach out. I’d love to connect with you.