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    Why Foot and Ankle Mobility Is A Must for CrossFit Athletes

     A good foundation is key to successful training, and one area athletes often overlook or dismiss in importance are the feet and ankles. In my experience, most individuals have poor ankle mobility which manifests itself most frequently in a lack of dorsiflexion, and complaints of stiff or tight ankles and often corresponding knee pain.  Ankle mobility is crucial to so many movements in life, from walking and running to lunges and squat mechanics.   Read More...

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    Introducing a Cool Format Change to Mobility and Corrective Exercise

    Happy New Year!I'm pleased to announce that there will be some programming changes to the Mobility and Corrective Exercise Class on Saturday mornings.We will be doing a "focused training" for the month so that you can Do a daily practice on your own Get a review with the pro in following weeks so you can adjust, or progress your exercises Have a clear and measurable way to assess your outcome (which could be reduced pain, improved range of motion, better performance,...  Read More...

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    Learn Simple Solutions to Help Beat Knee Pain

    This week the Mobility and Corrective Exercise class at CrossFit 5885 (Saturday December 31st, 2016 10:00 am - 11:00 am) will focus on addressing fascial restrictions, muscle and joint alignment issues in the tissues surrounding and affecting the KNEE.Aside from an acute injury or trauma, the majority of knee pain problems develop over the course of a prolonged period of time.  I believe that knee pain is a very mistreated problem plaguing athletes of all ages.   The knee is just one o...  Read More...

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    Hip Mobility to Relieve Lower Back Pain

    Ever hear the saying "What the hips lack hurts the back"?Tight back and tight hips.  Ah, the athletes's constant lament.  If you have frequent "knots" in the deep gluteal tissue, difficulty squatting or poor squat mechanics, a constantly tight IT (iliotibial) band and/or low back or referral pain down the thigh or to the foot then read on.   Read More...

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    Corrective Exercise & Mobility Strategies To Relieve Shoulder Pain

    Written By:  Deb Preachuk BRS, BPE, CF-L1One of the biggest complaints I hear from athletes, particularly athletes who like to lift weights over their head is shoulder pain.  "The shoulder is a complex anatomical structure, and proper mobility and stability must be in place for the joint to perform most efficiently and without increased risk of injury. Rehab and pre-hab work is highly recommended for any athlete looking to improve or maintain shoulder health and function."&nb...  Read More...