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    Shoulder Pain Relief Starts with Fixing Your Posture

    There is a famous quote by Benjamin Franklin that states "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure".In my line of work as a corrective exercise and posture specialist, I take these words very seriously.  Everyday I work with athletes and individuals who are experiencing chronic muscle and joint pain due to a lifetime of muscle imbalances, poor posture and faulty movement patterning.  For many, a lot of their pain and posture problems could have easily been avoided by i...  Read More...

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    Memorial Day Sale Happening Now

    You've been waiting for it, and here it is.  My first Memorial Day Sale.However, I'd like to first take a minute to stop, remember and extend my deep appreciation and gratitude to all the women and men remembering who made the ultimate sacrifice for our freedoms serving in the country's armed forces.  I can actually say I owe my life to The United States of America armed forces, and there aren't words to express my love and gratitude to them.Thank you from the bottom of my heart.   Read More...

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    Memorial Day Sale!

    This doesn't happen often!  This Monday, May 29th I am having a Memorial Day sale on all private sessions at the new studio location in Apple Valley, MN.The Memorial Day sale features my best pricing of the year. Here's your chance to save 50 % off all private sessions.If you've been wanting to try Foundation Training, STOTT Pilates (including The Pink Ribbon Program Post-Rehabilitative Breast Cancer sessions), Corrective Exercise, Posture Alignment, Self Myofascial Release or a...  Read More...

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    Why Foot and Ankle Mobility Is A Must for CrossFit Athletes

     A good foundation is key to successful training, and one area athletes often overlook or dismiss in importance are the feet and ankles. In my experience, most individuals have poor ankle mobility which manifests itself most frequently in a lack of dorsiflexion, and complaints of stiff or tight ankles and often corresponding knee pain.  Ankle mobility is crucial to so many movements in life, from walking and running to lunges and squat mechanics.   Read More...

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    Hip Mobility to Relieve Lower Back Pain

    Ever hear the saying "What the hips lack hurts the back"?Tight back and tight hips.  Ah, the athletes's constant lament.  If you have frequent "knots" in the deep gluteal tissue, difficulty squatting or poor squat mechanics, a constantly tight IT (iliotibial) band and/or low back or referral pain down the thigh or to the foot then read on.   Read More...