Hybrid Personal Training

Our Hybrid Personal Training option allows you to have a completely customized training session at a fraction of the cost.  

Who should see a personal trainer and how often?

Personal training is an excellent resource for: anyone requiring an individualized program to meet specific needs and goals, anyone requiring individual attention and feedback, and, those who have reached a plateau in their current training program.

The number of visits with a trainer depends on your specific needs and goals, along with your trainer's recommendation. The more you meet with your trainer the easier it will be to achieve success!

Make an investment in your health and fitness.  

In fact, the majority of our clients fall into the this category once chronic pain is under control.  Most want to continue on working with Deb Preachuk at Pain Free Posture MN on a consistent basis.  

Hybrid Personal Training Sessions can include any combination of the following therapeutic modalities:

  • Traditional Personal Training (Cardiovascular & Strength for Fitness)
  • CrossFit coaching
  • Precision Nutrition Certified Coaching
  • Customized Corrective Exercise Instruction 
  • Foundation Training
  • Self-myofascial Release
  • Pilates 
  • Yoga

They are as eclectic and unique as each of our clients is.  Should you choose to want a take-home written menu of exercise instructions, you simply pay a $25 fee (payable to Pain Free Posture MN) and Deb will write it all up for you.

This option allows for the greatest freedom to train you with the right mix of modalities to help you meed your specific needs on a 1-3x/week basis.

Why Hybrid Training? 

As Pain Free Posture MN has continued to evolve over the years, I've sought out movement that really makes a difference in how well we move, avoid injury, improve biomechanics and reduces pain.

Movement available to everyone, challenging, empowering, and that really feels good. Hybrid sessions often consist of a blend of different approaches to movement to address clients' issues, The Biomechanics Method, Posture Alignment and Foundation Training is at the heart of it.

Learning these modalities will help you move well for your entire life and be able to continue all the activities, movement, or sports that are vital to your wellbeing. It's a game changer.

When I discovered both Egoscue and Foundation Training, it made so much sense, I've heard some remarkable stories of the way it has helped people, and I've been privileged to see true pain relief and movement restoration [see Testimonials].

I love how these modalities are uncomplicated and Foundation Training  (in particular) can be done everyday, anywhere. Want FREE resources?  Check out my Pinterest Board for articles, exercise videos and other great resources, or register and attend one or more of the group classes I teach throughout the year.  

If you've got chronic pain and repetitive stress/movement issues, these classes are the way to go. Don't settle for symptomatic treatment - lean how to empower yourself and see where it takes you.


Hybrid Personal Training Pricing

 Please see our services and pricing page for complete details.