It's NEVER Too Late to Change

It's NEVER Too Late to Change

Our primary goal here at Pain Free Posture MN is to help our clients return to a Pain Free Life and Living. We use corrective exercise like postural therapy, pilates and other mind/body modalities heop our clients restore their posture and return to a fully functional and pain free activities of daily living.


Irregardless of our prior movement history and ability it's imperative to continue to exercise throughout our lifetime to keep our minds, bodies and spirits healthy and sound.  There are so many benefits!


Benefits of Exercise

  • Relieves pain
  • Lowers blood pressure
  • Lowers risk of heart disease
  • Lowers risk of cancer
  • Decrease stress
  • Improve cholesterol levels
  • Improves resistance to fight infections
  • Promotes better sleep
  • Builds bone strength
  • Helps regulate your emotional well being (fights depression)
  • Lowers risk of type II diabetes
  • Helps maintain a normal weight or lose weight
  • Increases energy levels and endurance
  • Slows the aging process
  • Improves cognitive function

It's important to know that if you do have chronic pain, I encourage you to hire the services of a professional to help guide you with a progressive programming sequence that mitigates your pain, helps you meet your physical needs and is designed with your goals in mind to get you back on track.  


Whether it's to:

  • address and resolve chronic musculoskeletal pain
  • restore posture
  • increase mobility
  • improve your ability and endurance in performing activities of daily living
  • enhance athletic performance (recreational or professional)


finding a program like postural therapy, pilates and or yoga with a trained professionhelps keep your body in balance and provides the blue-print to build upon. But the most important thing to remember is that YOU have to choose to change!  And you have to take a risk to just get started.


Everyone can start from somewhere.  We can all start to exercise and reap the many benefits to our health no matter where we are to begin with.


It's Never to Late to Change

There's an inspirational YouTube video going viral right now about Arthur Boorman.  Arthur suffered many injuries during the Gulf War and became a disabled Veteran.  The injuries to his back and legs ignited a 15 years downward spiral of pain, inactivity, weight gain, and emotional distress.  


His medical team said he might never walk unassisted again.  


What I love about Arthur is that he made a decision despite what was spoken over him, what was expected of him by others, and what his current ability was.


He decided that something had to change.  The shift began where he realized that the change had to be his.  He would challenge his belief system, his truth that he accepted.  Arthur had to change everything.  His mind, actions and habits.  The first step was to get out of pain and address his muscular imbalances.  


After reading about how yoga (a posturally balancing practice) might help him, he chose to change his story, and re-write the chapters and predicted ending.  Arthur proved them wrong.  He lost weight, gained strength, flexibility, endurance and balance and in less than a year.  


The other key factor was that Arthur partnered with a coach.  Someone who supported him, encouraged and empowered him all the while creating a safe place for him to practice his new skills without being judged or condemned in his efforts.  This testimonial should encourage us all that with the right coach by your side, you are never too big or too immobilized to move.  


I once witnessed an interaction between Pete Egoscue and a student that really taught me the this lesson in a profound way.  Pete openly challenged her to "lose her story".  The student  had a long history of pain due to a traumatic incident 20 years prior.  While she was receiving benefit from postural therapy, she was stuck in the cycle of her trauma because she constantly re-lived it on a daily basis.  Unfortunatly, this person was absolutely adamant about holding on to her pain history and constantly wanted to share her memory of the accident and the reasons for why she was the way she was. 


It was always at the forefront of what kept her from trying new things, or staying present in the moment to notice that she got pain relief from her corrective exercise menu.  Although she wanted to get better, her words constantly interfered with her progress.  Pete was determined to help her re-write the last chapter of the book. 


He wasn't trying to say it hadn't happened, or that it was not a part of who whe was today.  The challenge was to help her create a new path out of the chronic pain and cyle of perceived limitations.  Her words had power, and those words were keeping her bound in the past, unable to heal and move forward.  


Our story, our pain and movement history can keep us paralyzed in time and forever keep us from the ability to heal in mind, body and spirit and be truly well.  As we like to say here at Pain Free Posture MN, "Change your mind (thoughts), change your actions, change your habits, change your life".


Arthur proved them wrong by writing a new ending to his history.  And you can too.  It's never too late to change.  Never give up.