Do YOU Need A Mentor?

  • Are you a student or newly Certified as a Corrective Exercise, or Posture Alignment Specialist? 
  • Are you satisfied with your education instruction and ability to practically apply it?
  • Is your business floundering, stable or growing? 
  • Are you achieving your business and teaching potential? 
  • Do you have a business plan?

It's perfectly normal to experience ups and downs in your new career. You've learned the foundation of corrective exercise and/or posture alignment therapy, but it's a whole other ball game when it comes to running your business. Believe me I know! 

I've been exactly where you are, made lots of mistakes and learned from them all. After 25 years in the business, and 14 owning my own private studio, I know what to do, and more importantly,not! 

Without a doubt, problems and questions in your postural therapy practice will arise. I've been there, and I understand and know what you are going through! My goal in providing Mentoring is to help you maximize your educational foundation.

If you're not sure you need or can benefit from hiring a Mentor to help guide your independent Corrective Exercise or Posture Alignment Specialist business, ask yourself the following questions.  

Do you,

  • need small business growth and marketing suggestions/solutions? 
  • teach efficiently and effectively to help clients quickly accomplish their goals? 
  • see your clients actively getting stronger and able to progress? 
  • easily manage your clients  through budget challenges and schedule changes? 
  • feel confident in your ability to help your clients eliminate the myriad of aches, pains, twinges and tweaks they present? 
  • feel delighted with the way you work, teach, help, lead? 
  • absolutely love every moment you spend in your teaching environment?
  • have a plan to develop yourself within your teaching environment, community and in this industry?
  • have someone dedicated to helping you grow, who serves as your personal resource to help you through client and business challenges, to guide and help and encourage you to be your best?

If you answered

  • never 
  • rarely 
  • occasionally but unpredictably or 
  • what is she talking about?

 I can help. 

Deb Preachuk is a former Adjunct Instructor of The Egoscue University. 

Book a Mentoring Session with Deb to enrich your understanding and application of your Corrective Exercise or PAS Certification and training.  Mentoring will help launch/strengthen your own independent business practices.

Deb will customize all the mentoring based on YOUR needs and YOUR time. No question is a dumb question. She'll work together with you to come up with an effective solution to your needs. 

COST: $75.00 USD/hour

Mentoring sessions can be tailored to address any or all of your concerns as a Certified Posture Alignment Specialist or mind/body professional. They can be done via phone, or Facetime.

From problem solving techniques, therapy session protocols, dealing with challenging client cases, postural analysis, survival skills for small business owners to synthesizing your understanding of the work as it relates to harsh financial realities. Bring your questions, challenges, pressing concerns and thirst for inquiry to our discussions and together we can explore new possibilities for reigniting a passion for your work, and awaken and create a new and powerful access to your own "inner teacher".

Together, we'll get you going. I promise.

* There are no limits on mentoring sessions with Deb Preachuk. You can book as many as necessary to further your education, increase your knowledge, and reach your personal goals. To schedule your please fill in the contact us form and request mentoring today.