Pain Relief


Assess, Educate & Correct Your Function

Pain Free Posture MN offers a variety of modalities to help our clients eliminate chronic pain, improve posture and prevent position related injury.  Our goal is to help each person improve his/her overall quality of life and achieve optimal function and performance in activities of daily living and athletics.  

Exercising on an imbalanced body is much like hammering on a bent nail.  Think of it like this.  

If you workout in correct alignment,  you STRENGTHEN CORRECT alignment.  


if you exercise in poor postural alignment, you STRENGTHEN POOR alignment.

It really is that simple.


Strength gains that you achieve through poor posture or improper biomechanics are a recipe for injury and pain.  The National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) has defined postural-distortion patterns “as predictable patterns of tissue overload and dysfunction that lead to decreased neuromuscular control, thus initiating the cumulative injury cycle.”

At Pain Free Posture MN our Motto is "Balance the Body.  Relieve the Pain."  

We do not "treat" pain symptoms or work on ways to mask it.  We use simple exercise that addresses muscle and joint imbalances to relieve stress on your body.  Your posture, body alignment and resulting function in movement matters!  We WILL NOT strengthen you through poor alignment.  

In order to successfully heal from chronic muscle and joint pain, we must first assess your body position, identify the muscle and joint imbalances, find movements that mitigate your symptoms, then work on correcting and straighten your postural position and movement patterns.

We offer a variety of complimentary therapeutic corrective exercise modalities designed to eliminate chronic pain, improve posture and maximize your function in activities of daily living and athletic performance.  

Effective and long-lasting chronic pain relief requires:  

  • a posture assessment process to uncover muscle and joint imbalances
  • identifying which muscles and soft tissue structures are adversely affected by those imbalances
  • a progression of corrective exercise designed to correct the issues identified and
  • movements taught with your unique life and learning style in mind so you feel and move better as quickly as possible


Who We Help

Do you have a body?  Then we can help!   We SPECIALIZE in programming to help individuals of all ages and abilities with:

  • Chronic Muscle & Joint Pain to stop chasing the pain symptoms, and learn how to reduce and eliminate it
  • Poor Posture, Flexibility and Movement Patterns to improve it
  • Body Composition needs through lifestyle, nutrition and habit coaching
  • Poor Physical Health and fitness levels 

We offer a variety of Corrective Exercise and Hybrid Personal Training   formats that compliment one another.  All are designed to help our clients eliminate chronic pain, improve posture and maximize performance in athletics and activities of daily living.  

Your bones do what the muscles tell them to do. Your muscles do what the brain tells them to. Common muscle imbalances and improper movement patterns, can create wear and tear on the joints, chronic pain and inhibit overall performance progression. At Pain Free Posture MN, we address the underlying cause to pain and movement dysfunction by reviewing the the muscular system, and how it affects the entire body.

Corrective Exercise is a simply a combination of mobilizations, stretches and exercises that when taught, and applied properly AND performed consistently empowers our clients to improve their movement function and overcome chronic muscle and joint pain.  

Methods We Utilize:

We focus on you as a WHOLE person (you are not just a symptom or pain) and are committed to educating you how your overall body position (posture) has more to do with your condition (symptom) than you may be aware of.   We are here to help our clients re-establish self-reliance and empowerment over their chronic pain relief treatment plan by actively making YOU focal point and responsible part of the therapy process. 

At Pain Free Posture MN, we are committed to actively listen to you the client.  We will address your concerns by treating the body as an integrated unit, and we will partner with your to create a progressive and successful way back to a healthy, balanced and pain free life.


 How Does Corrective Exercise Work?

When you come in to Pain Free Posture MN for corrective exercise, we begin with an initial postural assessment and evaluation.  First, we'll  analyze your posture in reference to normal human design alignment and function.  Once we assess posture and function (or lack thereof), a series of self-myofascial release exercises, specific stretches and corrective exercises are put together for you in a progressive way to address your unique postural and functional demands.

You can choose to do your homework on your own at your home or preferred place of exercise, OR, you can schedule weekly personal training sessions with us to ensure you're staying on track and progressing with a coaches supervision, cueing and expert instruction.

If you are doing your progressions on your own, clients will need to come in for follow-up progression appointments that can be spread out over time.  As you work at home on your new postural positions, you'll be strengthening and correcting imbalances in the muscles and joints, helping them bring your body back to its proper alignment and function.  

No matter which option you choose the result is the same.  You begin to feel and move the way your body was designed —PAIN FREE and you're free to begin progressing into other actives and goals that help you achieve the life and living you've always wanted to pursue!