Can I Pick and Choose My Favorite Exercises and Skip the Rest?

Q:  Can I Pick and Choose My Favorite Exercises and Skip the Rest?  

A:  Um... sorry.  The answer is definitely NO!

Sorry!  You can't cherry pick your corrective exercise menu.

Even though certain exercises may make you feel considerably better, or you just prefer some over others, it is imperative that you understand that each exercise is selected based on your unique postural imbalances and deviations at the four major load joints.  

Think of your menu sequence as an "unraveling" of postural dysfunction.

There is a biomechanical methodology to the sequencing of corrective exercise movements.  If you constantly only do the exercises you like, you'll always skip the stimulus and demand of movements designed to create the biggest muscle and joint length-tension relationship change.  

Remember, your comfort with your body when it was moving incorrectly is what brought you to Posture Alignment Therapy in the first place.  Change is hard, and that means we have to do things different! 

Each exercise is designed to stimulate proper muscle activation in and around a load joint thus affecting/stimulating function.  While you may enjoy one or two exercises more than others, we highly encourage you to follow the sequence given.  They are all very important to the design and overall outcome of your program.

When you do, I promise that your body will thank you!