Posture Matters! Why You Need to Practice Good Posture

Posture Matters! Why You Need to Practice Good Posture

How many times have I written the words posture matters!  About a million I'm sure!

So you know I just had to pass along today's post from one of my favorite blogs, the Bottom Line's Daily Burst of Energy!  Entitled, Good Posture, Good Thoughts, todays motivational tip of the day was about how good posture is positively correlated to confidence in a person's thought life.   


Both professionally and personally, I know this to be true!  Excellent posture is well known to give a person confidence and self-esteem, makes you look leaner and gives off a sense of authority to others.  


I get to see it in action every day as my clients move from despair and hopelessness, to a new found confidence in their bodies (see our Testimonials page). 


Daily Burst writes:   


"It turns out that our posture affects not only how we look, but how we feel, say researchers from Ohio State University. A confident, upright posture gave study participants more confidence in their own thoughts. Those who were slumped were less convinced by their own thoughts. It’s easy enough to sit up—or stand up—straight, and if you are thinking positive thoughts, all the better."


Your posture affect how you see the world and how the world sees you!  Just think about how we make immediate judgements/assessments on people when we first meet them.  It may be unintentional, but admit it, it's our human nature.


When we see a particular posture,

we start to judge others and make assumptions about people.   


Not only does poor posture have a negative effect on your overall health (chronic muscle and joint pain, nerve and blood constriction, bone spurs, tension headaches, herniated discs, etc), it affects how people perceive you and your ability to sucessfully navigate the world.  Take a look at the photo to your left.  


What's your initial impression of this person?  The first words that came to my mind were sad, depressed and low self-esteem.  But, here's the thing.  None of that may be true.  The photo is simply ment to demonstrate that how ones posutre can powerfully affect people's perceptions of us and ultimately how they interact with us.  


Aside from the many positive health benefits you will receive by regularly engaging in a postural therapy practice, it's really  important to know that posture is something you can PRACTICE and get better at.  


As it turns out, great posture can also gives an impression of confidence and strength to others (even if your own emotions don't match the position)!  


Amy Cuddy, a Social Psychologist and Associate professor at Harvard Business School gave an amazing TED talk presentation discussing her research on how nonverbal body language affects how we perceive ourselves.  She found that our posture (even if we don't feel a corresponding emotion) can affect other people's perceptions of us, AND our body chemistry for the better.  Two major point stand out:

  • Specifically, when you stand in a posture of confidence—making yourself bigger with things like opening your shoulders, standing up straight, and putting your hands on your hips—your hormones respond accordingly.
  • Study participants who spent two minutes in these postures had a 20% increase in testosterone levels and a 25% decrease in cortisol levels.


 "Don't fake it till you make it.  Fake it till you become it".  ~ Amy Cuddy


The experts do agree.  Good posture really does make you think better thoughts.  Make a decision today to affect how the world sees you!  Your posture matters!  And remember, if you don't know where or how to start, give us a call!  


At Pain Free Posture MN, we're posture experts and know what to do to help you achieve good posture and change how both you and the world sees you!