Services & Pricing


My goal is to deliver the largest amount of positive and change-driven results at a fair price in the least amount of time possible. I offer FOUR basic and complimentary to one another services. 

1.  Posture Assessments 

2.  Hybrid Personal Training

3.  Habit-Based Health & Nutrition Coaching 

4.  Group Classes

NOTE:  I also offer Student and Certified Instructor Mentoring upon request.

Pricing & Payment

NOTE:  It is important to know that I do not turn clients away if pricing is a barrier to getting the help one needs.  If that is the case for you, please contact me directly to discuss your concerns.

I accept the following methods of payment:

  • cash
  • check made out to PainFree Posture MN 
  • PayPal (use the send money to friends/family option only please

1.  Posture Assessment

  • $125    
  • Duration: 90 Minutes   
  • In-Studio only   

Medical studies show the direct correlation between poor posture and poor health and performance. Poor posture habits and movements worsen over time, and that's why we encourage all our clients to invest in a Posture Assessment.

If you suspect you have a long-standing poor posture issue, are tired of repetitive stress or chronic pain a posture assessment helps you make the connection between your symptom (pain) and condition (posture).  A Posture Assessment may be the most crucial step for anyone wanting the motivation and more in-depth understanding of how to correct their body positioning and get back to fitness and optimum health.  

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2.  Hybrid Personal Training

This service INCLUDES any corrective exercise modality offered at PainFree Posture MN.   (Foundation Training, STOTT Pilates®, The BioMechanics Method Corrective Exercise, National Posture Institute, Egoscue University Posture Alignment, Fitness Training, or customized mobility and stretching programming.

Occassional Appointments:  These sessions are best for individuals who are motivated to do 15-30 minutes of corrective exercise on their own without additional coaching and are not coming into the studio on a weekly basis.  The exercises can be done at home, or at the gym before/after a workout.

  • $75/session  
  • Duration:  45 - 60 Minutes  

Weekly Sessions:  If you are a person who knows you achieve the best results with in-person coaching and instruction and you want the routine of weekly (or more) personal training session each week. The modalities include corrective exercise, Egoscue or National Posture Institute, STOTT Pilates, mobility exercises, general fitness programming or any combination you need to ensure your body moves and feels it's best.

  • $50 - 1 session/week 

  • $90 - 2 sessions/week  

  • $120 - 3 sessions/week

For a semi-private (two or more individualss) personal training session, ADD $10/person to each of these amounts

  • $60 - 1 session/week ($30/person)

  • $100 - 2 sessions/week ($25/person/workout)

  • $130 - 3 sessions/week ($21.67/person/workout)

3.  Habit-Based Health & Nutrition Coaching

Nutrition coaching can be combined with any of the above services as a component of your training time.  

I also offer stand-alone Nutrition Coaching powered by PN ProCoach.  This is a habit-based lifetyle change program that you can participate in on a monthly basis for up to one year.  

4.  Group Classes

I offer a variety of affordable group classes throughout the year.  These classes are ideal for anyone who has accomplished their goals of chronic muscle and joint pain relief with private instruction, and want to "tune-up" or get periodic refreshers to help motivate and maintain success.  

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