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    Benefits of Specialization Certifications

    Back in December 2015, I had the wonderful opportunity to be interviewed for an American Council on Exercise ProSource Article called Benefits of Specializing. Author Carrie Myers wrote a piece which investigated how finding a specialty and carving out a special niche is a path to consider for your personal training or group fitness career.   It was fun to see my words put into print, and I was so delighted to be included alongside individuals I consider to be models and mentors to my own c...  Read More...

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    What Certification is Best for Me?

    As some of the readers here may, or may not know, I am a former adjunct instructor at Egoscue University.  I left my teaching position in July of 2013. I have been blessed to help many people who come in to work with me accomplish their posture correction and pain relief goals.   Read More...

  • Your Posture Matters on a Cross Trainer!

    I got an awesome note from a new client the other day.   This came as follow-up after our first session together where we did a full postural assessment and implemented a customized mobilization, stretch and corrective exercise sequence for her to start making corrections to dysfunctional/imbalanced movement patterns that were contributing to pain and overall inability. She wrote "I can't slouch when using the cross trainer any more......   Read More...