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    Tell Me What Posture Correction Certification I Should Take

    It's been over three years since I left my teaching position at Egoscue University as an Adjunct Instructor.  And in that time, I've continues to refine my professional teaching practice, and working toward finding what corrective exercise modality works best for my clients.I've learned that posture, poor that is, and pain are intrinsically linked.  And I know that I know, that correcting posture and movement patterns makes the pain go away.   Read More...

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    Discover 3 Important Changes to Make to Help You Overcome Chronic Muscle & Joint Pain

     As a Corrective Exercise Specialist, I believe that the human body has an innate capability to heal itself.  Aside from acute trauma or accident related injuries, most chronic pain sufferers in this country are dealing with problems that stem from poor posture.  Compromises in joint position, muscle balance and resulting movement function are a leading cause of symptomatic pain.   Read More...

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    10 Body Wisdom Tips to Help You Overcome Chronic Muscle & Joint Pain

    Anyone who's dealt with chronic muscle and joint pain can tell you the pain is like a thief that steals over and over again from the joy of life.   One of the biggest problems I find as a Corrective Exercise Specialist is that in general, as a comfort and technology driven society, we're conditioned to mask symptoms, or focus primarily on the pain versus looking at the body as a whole. It's a huge problem.   Read More...

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    Do You Believe These Three Chronic Pain Misconceptions?

    When it comes to the best way to heal from chronic muscle and joint pain there's a lot of differing opinions out there.  What you believe may be the result of misconceptions and half-truths based on a symptom versus root cause of the problem approach.     If you ask your doctor, your friends, your mom, you are bound to hear some advice that affects what you believe about your ability to heal.   Read More...

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    You Need to Know That Chronic Pain Relief Without Medication Is Possible

      I read a profound quote while browsing my social media accounts this morning.   It was printed on the back of a t-shirt, and caught my immediate attention.  This quote basically describes the chronic pain cycle people find themselves trapped in when trying to deal with pain symptoms without dealing with the root cause of the problem.   Read More...